Tuesday, January 5, 2010

you'll thank us when zombies aren't eating your brains

If it weren't for all of the zombie paraphernalia..the books, movies and now...LEFT FOR DEAD 2 ON XBOX!..People might get the wrong idea and thing we're..normal. It's all about being pro-active folks! It doesn't hurt to have a Z-Day Appocolypse emergency plan here and there. It also provides good couples therapy, should one be so inclined, to kill a few thousand zombies each night with your one and only! If you think about it, the rise in healthcare costs are being allocated to the patients or consumers (depending on your take) causing our premiums, copays, and blood pressure to be raised to alarming levels..So I propose this, take the money that one may spend on therapy and spend it on a nice gaming console, a zombie fighting game and BAM! Couples bonding 101 :) No prescriptions required unless you count the XBOX live account, but this can be taken on an empty stomach and shouldn't impair anything other than the delicate sense of normalcy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mawwige is what brwings this post today..

So we may not have set a date but I believe we've found the perfect venue for the Ceremony and Reception! Rather than having our out of towners drive all over the amazing Birmingham interstate system, we want to have it all in one! No bogo deals though..

The Avondale Villa..

Previously the Elephant House at the Birmingham Zoo long before relocating to Mountain Brook! No worries though, the elephant poo smell is long gone! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

and so it begins..

We've finally broken down and created a blog. Be prepared for complete silliness, procrastination and disorganization to the tenth power. 
Sorry, no rain checks.